Toothy, the Tooth Fairy kit includes:certificates, stickers, a velvet drawstring bag, a divided box to put the teeth in, a tooth loss chart - to keep a history of when your child's teeth came out and in what order. All of the above are packaged in a gold foil box. This is the only Tooth Fairy kit of it's kind on the market today. You and your child will love it!
Has your child recently lost a tooth?
The Toothy the Tooth Fairy KitTM can transform this memorable childhood event into a wonderful moment for kids and parents alike with a beautifully designed “kit” that keeps
each tooth in a specially designed box with easy ID chart to record dental history of tooth loss. Your child gets a red velour-textured drawstring bag, special gold foil stamp certificates,
stickers and more, to commemorate the occasion.
Have a wonderful day filled with lots of love and laughter,
and remember to keep smiling!
“This is a fun way for you to keep your child’s baby teeth and the kids love the idea,”
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